Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

to all who come here.
More crochet pieces for another
All the parts were quickly made then there was a just a small assembly job to get this little guy finished up, unlike the Fathers Christmas socks which are taking forever and may not be complete by Christmas Day?

Oh my what big eyes!

The Grey cat is made with the yarn weight specified in the pattern and is larger than his purple sister.
Splat - by Cheezombie

He does of course perform the same function.
A happy resting place for your morning coffee.

Wishing you all a Safe and Sunny  Christmas Day with lots of delicious food.


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


A little fun was had with the hook this past week (that doesn't mean the needles haven't still been clicking along!).
Fun colours for a fun project.
Hoping to add a smile to someone's Christmas.

Is a flat cat!

Perfectly practical for the designed purpose.
Splat the coaster cat by Cheezombie

There has been some partying going on around here meaning something has to miss out and it appears that would be computer time.

Hope your week is full of sunshine and fun.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Late report

Friday night I worked my needles alongside all the other FNWF participants.

First up there was some finishing: The Pink Layna socks were so close, after some mid week social knitting that most of the knitting was completed while waiting for dinner to cook.
This is a good representation of the gorgeous Cerise colour.
After dinner all that was required was the grafting of the toes. Yay, nice new socks all ready for next winter.

Next up was the finishing touches on a sewing project that has been taking more time than is necessary - I got to play in the button tins, looking for just the right ones to adorn the bags that I have been sewing.
Always fun playing with buttons - even if sometimes frustrating when all my first choices turned out to be the wrong size.

Look All Done.

These bags are a good size and quite useful for lots of things but especially -  

for toting giant balls of yarn with attached projects. 
These two bags were gifted to knitting friends Saturday.

After all that finishing there was time for a few rows on my vest which is edging towards the armhole where I get to divide off the fronts and back, when I will get a clearer picture of the design. I'm eager to see how this will look done. Need to knit faster!
Tumbleweed by Jennifer Thompson

The little green knitting is the beginning of The Fathers Christmas sock, lots of knitting to get done in the next couple of weeks, but I think I will make it this year. Oh, and its the yarn from the previous picture it really is a lovely pine green colour not this washed out grey/green.

I hope everyone had a successful Friday night and a pleasant weekend.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Knitting all the things

The yarn from last week did not get to rest in the balls for long, I made a start on my new vest on the weekend.
So far I think knitting is a much better match for this yarn than crochet.
Pic right after I changed to the circular for the main pattern
Knit in one piece to the armhole makes for some long rows but the ribbing went quickly and I crammed all the stitches onto my Casein straight needles, what a luxury to knit with these lovely needles. 

Tumbleweed by Jennifer Thompson
I love the cables and the little 3D bobbles (I know you can't see them very well here), and the asymmetrical design. You can only see the right front here but the pretty marker identifies the 'side seam', it buttons up on the left side and that is where most of the cable detail is on both the front and back. I'm a little further along than this now but haven't updated the picture as this yarn is difficult to capture in artificial light.

My slippers are finished, except for a few stray ends! Oh sure they are conveniently tucked out of the way in this picture.
Excuse the weird sun tan stripe!
There was plenty of reversing up on these, mostly as my feet are just large in all the places. The finished slippers fit well and do not work their way off my feet when walking around which is better than I've achieved in the past when making slippers without a strap.

Joining in with the ladies stitching up their Friday night, (FNWF tonight), planning to finish the socks on the needles and put the finishing touches on a sewing project or two. We'll see how that goes?

Enjoy the sun in your creative space today.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A lot of Knitting and little Unpicking!

The combination of delightful yarn and relaxing pattern made this shawl a quick knit (or maybe I just become obsessed making stitches with all those pretty colours).
While some of the last rows felt like they took forever, they ate the yarn and it was all done rather quickly.
I used the pretty natural shade for the edging and love the contrast in both colour and texture.

Mystery Benefactor - design by Kelly Brooker

Main body of shawl in Sweetgeorgia Merino silk - deep cove colourway and border in Fleece Artist Merino Angel a wool/mohair/nylon mix

New socks for the Mother for Christmas (and not even December yet). 
With a lovely lace design on the legs and

a pretty cable on the heel. 
The yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Athena which is a gorgeous silk/wool mix and has the most luxuriant feel. The pattern is a lovely design by Qianer - Corn Mint Leaves socks.

After looking at the tunic I made earlier this year and figuring there was no easy fix for it I undid it  and will repurpose the yarn into something that fits. I'm hoping to cast this one on this weekend if I manage to get one more thing finished today!
Bendigo woollen mills - Stellar in the Red coral colourway

It hasn't only been about the yarn but I don't have any evidence of the sewing stitches, I will remember to take photo's while the sun is out soon.

Wishing you sunshine in your craft space.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

So tempting...

The pretty yarn I received in the recent swap was calling out for a piece of the action.

This stuff is gorgeous with so many shades of green and blue which were not immediately obvious in the hank. 

I had a lot of fun on Friday winding the ball so I could begin work on something other than foot wear!

Not one to be deterred by the lack of implements in the right length, I got to work on a straight needle so I could see how the pattern would look in this yarn. I had only been dreaming about the yarn/pattern combination for 2 weeks.
Sure is shines - that would be the silk.

Saturday there was a shopping expedition to I collect the correct size needle in a circular of a certain length to contain the ever multiplying stitches - look it's working. 
This picture is closest to true colours.

This is a fun and interesting adventure with the beautiful colours in this soft squishy yarn.
Pattern - Mystery Benefactor design by Kelly Brooker
Yarn - Sweetgeorgia - merino/silk fine in the Deep cove colour

I love the way shawls grow at the beginning when working top down so you can see the pretty pattern take shape. Now I'm around halfway through the ball of yarn, with 300 stitches on each row, things have slowed considerably! The instructions are for using the entire hank so this will definitely be a warm layer for when winter visits here again.

Hope your week is full of fun in your favourite colours.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Slowly, slowly...

I have been using small snippets of time to make progress on the the sewing project, but I've not yet taken a picture so you won't see it here!

There was a little action with pretty coloured cottons to add to the sewing.
I did have fun with my needles and hook - and still there is a mountain of cotton colours to left. Lucky I guess as I'd like to make some more of these.
Quick to knit or crochet in all the colours. 

While out socialising with fellow creative types last weekend I managed to finish two socks.
No not a pair!
On the left - Corn mint leaves by Qianer and on the right Layna shorty in my size.
I do like to mix up the colours and textures though and they provide entertainment for when there is not much else happening.

Just so I don't get bored with the second socks of those 2 pair, which I have already cast on by the way, I started a little slipper to keep my toes warm on these cool evenings that have returned to my part of the world.
Steps to elegance is a test knit - both quick and fun
I enjoyed working this one up - though the use of a multicoloured yarn for the contrast colour may not have been my best choice, the scrap was there and I'm trying to move some of those along.

Hope your weekend is filled with all the colours.