Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Making progress

The blanket is growing nicely with all the pretty colours.
Such a fun relaxing project. 

The brown blob in the centre is the Father's next sock. It's true I only finished one of the last pair but I sent that home with the Mother a couple of weeks ago for a fitting and while I got confirmation that it is the right size I didn't keep good enough notes to make another one to match without having the first one to refer to!
The Father is having a birthday next week so I decided it was time for a personal challenge. I intend to finish a pair before the day. This is the leg section of the first sock, instead of moving immediately onto the foot I have cast on the second sock and will work on the leg of that one while I am out and about this afternoon.
He will get a much anticipated pair of socks - eventually.
Lucky I work well with a deadline.

Anybody else out there leave things until the last minute?

Hope the sun is shining in your corner today.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Using all the colours

After finishing some of the things that were on my needles over the weekend, I decided to start a new thing to use all the colours.
I gathered together this collection of cotton for a pretty blanket.
Lots of fun to be had with this basket of goodies

Look - I even made a start. 4 ply cotton yarns in all the colours and my 3mm hook.
So the colours are not showing very well here but you get the idea.
Yes, that is the brown cape under the new round blanket beginnings, I am all done with the knitting on this project.
The finishing may just have to wait until there is a day with a some sunshine and warmth as it really needs to be washed and blocked right after I weave in the stray tails. I used almost all of my 600g of wool so there is not even any leftovers to deal with.
I finished the pair for the blue mitts also, but haven't got a photo to share yet.

Hope your weekend was a productive one and your week is colourful.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Turning corners

Weekend socialising included a little knitting and now I really am on the home straight of the cape.
This is the bottom edge, just a few hundred rows of the braid to go! Nice short rows which add up quickly, especially while I waited for the workman to come and do his thing today.

Kallan Cape in Bendigo classic 8 ply, Java a cool medium brown colour.
Mixing things up a little I finished this mitt, which is a test for a fellow raveller, seems others like cables as much as I do. These are thick and toasty warm in this simple but effective design.
Chunky yarn and needles mean this grows quickly.
One down, one to go! (apparently people like two warm hands?)

A little grey in a light weight yarn for taking out and about. The most delightful yarn to work with in this pretty textured pattern.

Hope the sun was shining in your happy place today.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Brightening my days

While the sun was shining on Thursday I spent some quality time at the sewing machine and made progress on my pretty daisy project. The happy colours in this fabric kept me smiling long after the weather changed back to cold. Almost done.

In the cool of the evening I got cosy on the couch with some warm knitting. 
The cape is at the point now where it functions just fine as a blanket while I am working on it or even when I take a break and do a few rows on a smaller project.

The blue is another fingerless mitt from some unlabeled worsted wool yarn from the stash. I really like the texture of the yarn, which is quite different from the Classic I am using for the cape, these will be warm mitts for sure.

Thanks to those ladies who took the time to answer my questions regarding hand size it really does seem that my wrist/hand proportions are a little unusual from this small sample. 

I called in Mr Random to help me decide who would receive a pair of my handknit mitts.

True Random Number Generator  4Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Lucky number 4 is Fiona, I'll be in contact shortly to get some preferences.
Warmest wishes for a cosy weekend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not Much...

New mitts for me - Yippee!
These red mitts are just right in so many ways, perfect for driving as they don't cover too much of the hand and the longer cuff means no breeze gets up my sleeve.
Red and shiny mitts in Bendigo Luxury 4 ply Brick

The third pair of Platinum mitts are longer in both the hand and the cuff, super comfortable to wear.
Maybe I'll keep these ones too?
Kallan Cables untangled in Bendigo Serenade, Platinum

This is all I managed to finish for the month of July - starting all the things really inhibits the finishing bit.

There has been progress on some of the other projects including the Coffee Cape where I am working on the final 25%. So close and yet so far, I am really enjoying making this cape. As this is my third time working this design I am much more relaxed doing a few rows on it when out and about and watching it take shape.
The pretty fabrics that I was playing with last week have been waiting patiently for some action this week, maybe I'll get back to them tomorrow?

Today I had a little outing to Unwind Craft Cafe and succumbed to the yarn temptation - of course I changed my mind between when I arrived and left about which colour I was going to add to my yarn collection - Purple storm in 4 ply luxury Won! I have a plan after I finish something else.

Thanks to Kris and Peg for hosting OPAM.

Happy creating.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Looking different

Recycling the yarn from the misshapen mitts, I made this pretty red one that fits.
Now I just need to make her a matching one, while this pattern is very effective it takes a lot of concentration so I can only work on it at home. Fortunately there was nothing pressing on the agenda yesterday so I made a start on the second one. 
I'm confident there will still be some cool days to wear mitts when I am done with these, because they will be mine.

Red and shiny - Bendigo woollen mills Luxury 4 ply in Brick
Saturday a friend and I went to see the sea and while the day was mostly overcast and drizzly, before we left to come back the sun came out brightening things up a little, there was of course no change in the temperature which was definitely on the cool side.

Point Lonsdale pier

I needed a simple project for working on while being the passenger so I started this cable mitt using more of the Bendigo Serenade, this yarn works up beautifully making a lovely fabric. I'm going to be a bit disappointed when this ball is finished as this yarn is no longer available.
 Another mitt waiting for a partner!
Thank you to those who provided measurements on this post the information is most useful and proves what I thought, my wrist/ratio is quite unusual. There is still time to leave a comment there if you are interested in being in the draw for a pair of mitts made by me. 
I'll close it Thursday and draw a winner Friday.

Hope your Monday has been sunny.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Smiling today

The skys might be grey but the day was quite the opposite!
The plumber came first thing this morning, when I was thinking I was going to have to hang around all day waiting, and fixed some things plumbers fix.
I had a lovely positive conversation with a friend who lives in another city, hatching a plan for us both to be in the same place soon?
I enjoyed sitting by the beach, a calm and quiet place for a little contemplation when the sun goes away.

Swinging by the post office I got to collect a little smile package all the way from the UK.
Thanks Jacquie I really needed this reminder this week. Not because anything really bad happened I just had to deal with some difficult people who insist on being negative - which did nothing for my state of mind.

A gorgeous card with a beautiful greeting and a pretty little smile pincushion.
Lots of good stuff happening in my world too, need to make sure I let the good things stay in the foreground.

Now I'm ready for the weekend, well maybe after I finish some sewing?
I'm still knitting the same thing as last time so I guess you don't need to see that again yet.

Hope you have a reason (or two) to smile this weekend.